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Recently, AOTt Compressor Co., Ltd. supplied biogas compressors for biogas pilot projects provided by Tsinghua University. After the completion of the pilot project in the biogas compressor unit of this project, it will make outstanding contributions to environmental energy utilization and energy conservation and emission reduction. It will also become the same board for AOT Compressor to promote China's energy conservation and emission reduction programs to the “Belt and Road” countries.

Tsinghua University is a well-known institution of higher learning in China, and has professional and outstanding contributions in the field of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. Under the circumstances of many companies participating in the bidding, after several rounds of program comparison and field visits, AOT compressor finally won. The company's biogas compressor product performance, energy-saving effect, operational stability, have left a deep impression on the head of Tsinghua University.
Generally speaking, biogas contains hydrogen sulfide, which will corrode pipelines and equipment. Especially biogas with high content of hydrogen sulfide is very demanding on compressors; biogas compressor technology of Auto compressor achieves 20% energy saving and corrosion resistance. good. The air volume is freely adjustable and the adjustment range is large. In addition, the maximum noise level of 45 decibels at full load meets the mute demand; up to 20 years of service life and maintenance-free advantages can greatly reduce the operating cost of the test.
In 2012,AOT compressor became the first company in China to master high-content hydrogen sulfide biogas compressor technology. After several years of development, it has already had many case projects in China, covering many provinces and other countries in the world. Domestic universities and research institutes are everywhere; for example: Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Dalian University of Technology, Jilin University of Science and Technology, Shangqiu Teachers College, Tsinghua University, etc.
AOT compressor will provide users with better products through unremitting efforts and technological innovation.

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