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Use Care and Maintenance

Use Care and Maintenance

1. What are the hazards of not maintaining the air compressor on time?
Air compressors should be regularly maintained. Many people neglect maintenance, resulting in frequent machine failures and a much lower life expectancy. If there is no maintenance, what harm will there be?
First of all, the oil pipe separation should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will lead to blockage, or part of the air will enter and increase fuel consumption. Secondly, it is necessary to add oil regularly, otherwise bearing wear will occur until the main motor burns out. In addition, the air filter needs to be dusted and replaced occasionally. Otherwise, it will cause: the air filter is clogged, the intake air volume is reduced, and the exhaust gas volume is also reduced. Unscheduled replacement will cause the negative pressure to increase and press through, the pollutants will enter the machine, block the oil filter, the oil separation core, the cooling lubricant deteriorates, and the main engine wears. There are also air compressor oil filters that are not regularly replaced: as the pressure difference between the front and the back increases, the oil is reduced, and the exhaust temperature of the screw air compressor is increased. If the pressure difference between the front and the back is too large, the pollutants enter the machine. The oil is separated from the core, and the main engine is worn. Once the focus is coked, the host will be stuck.

The cost of maintenance is not high, but often people do not pay attention to it, and are unwilling to pay the cost of this part, so as to suffer greater losses.