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Pre-sale Service

Pre-sale Service

Pre-sale service

AOT compressor adheres to the customer-centered and established a complete product service and technical support system to provide excellent services to customers.

1. Understand the basic situation of the customer project
Introduce the company's products to customers based on the basic conditions of the project
Establish a good business relationship with customers.

2. Pre-sales technicians will communicate technically with customers.

Understand the requirements and equipment parameters on the customer's project.
Customers can come to our company for on-the-spot investigations and conduct technical and business exchanges.

3. Pre-sales personnel shall formulate equipment design plans according to customer requirements, technical                    parameters and pre-communication with users.

4. Draft a project business contract technical agreement according to the equipment plan.

5. Contract identification contract, project implementation and maintenance.

To provide users with professional air compressor parts, maintenance and frequency conversion, energy-saving transformation program, to achieve multi-machine joint control.

AOT is responsible for lifelong maintenance of the products and set up an all-weather service hotline.We accept the customer's needs at any time and promptly repairs and repairs the customer.We will rush to the scene in a shorter time, and quickly standardize the maintenance and meet the production needs of the customer.

Parts supply
Jointly provide customers with complete, low-cost parts. We will deliver spare parts in a quick way when the customer is in urgent need