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Our Quality

Our Quality

First, look at the material

1.The main material of the compressor adopts the high wear-resistant cast iron of Hanmill casting process, which has high strength, good seismic resistance and high wear resistance.

2. The compressor needs to be hardened by a hardening treatment process. Such as ion nitriding treatment, laser hard quenching treatment, surface cermet treatment and so on.

3. Because of our rich experience, we can select the right materials according to different compressors to meet the stable operation of the compressor.

Second, look at the configuration

All the matching kits are equipped with brand products, which is conducive to the operation of the compressor.

1. The motor is equipped with well-known brands such as Nanyang Explosion Protection Group, Siemens Motor, S&L Motor.

2. Bearing supporting SKF, NSK, HRB and other bearing brands.

3. Gas valve, piston ring, packing ring supporting the Herbeck brand, or our company's self-developed high wear-resistant gas valve, relatively zero leakage seal, cost-effective.

4. Instrument control supporting Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Rosemount, Yokogawa and other products.

Third, look at the production

The company has a physical factory, modern high-precision processing equipment and testing facilities. The processing accuracy of the key parts of the parts is guaranteed within 0.01mm. The total test time of each compressor before leaving the factory is 8 hours, and the total test time of some models exceeds 24 hours before leaving the factory. The whole machine test data is not exceeded, and the test data is fully informationized and stored for a long time.

Fourth, look at the technology

The company conducts independent research and development, constantly innovates technology and masters core technologies. And we use advanced technology .The product work is very fine, reliable and durable.

First, we win with high quality
With a sound quality system management, quality assurance is guaranteed.
All the sophisticated test equipment is inspected. Strive to be "100 points high quality compressor".
Only when there is quality, there is a market. In order to go further, we survive by quality management philosophy.
Second, professional production technology management capabilities
Pay attention to the process quality control in all aspects of the production process, important performance testing and appearance inspection, and quality control.
Full participation, strengthening management, excellence, and casting quality.
Third, have a professional technical and after-sales service team
Provide professional technical support and analysis for customers, follow-up after and after the order.
Layers of customs, professional after-sales customer service staff and online staffing.