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Core Technology

Core Technology

    The company mainly sells new high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly special gas compressors such as hydrogen, biogas, ammonia, natural gas and so on.The company always adheres to the scientific and technological innovation as the leading factor, and constantly absorbs the advanced technology and design concept of the compressor industry at home and abroad.Technological innovation has repeatedly won various honorary awards. According to the actual situation at home and abroad, the company has launched a series of professional research and development in the aspects of design and development, assembly technology and testing methods using scientific enterprise management and advanced manufacturing technology.Westrives to improve product quality and strive for more perfect products.

    The Technology R&D Center has been adhering to the concept of low cost, resource and high efficiency, paying close attention to the trend of domestic and international markets and technology development trends.

    We have carried out in-depth cooperation in production, education and research with universities, research institutes and design institutes such as Xi'an Traffic University.It is a professional R&D unit that integrates compressor technology development, process research and results transformation. It simultaneously develops technological innovation and innovation of oil-free piston compressors and breaks the tradition of piston compressors, and will continue to operate piston compressors  Innovation.

1. Anti-corrosion technology for ammonia compressor parts.
2. Self-cooling non-kinetic energy compressor heat transfer technology.
3. Application technology of PTFE anti-corrosion technology on hydrogen chloride compressor.
4. New compressor packing sealing technology.
5. Ammonia compressors are used in ammonia recovery technology.
6. The third generation of discharge compressors in liquefied gas and ammonia gas discharge application technology.
7. Nano ceramic wear-resistant cylinder technology.